Meet The Artist


Ruthy Jane is a Mexican-American contemporary artist. She was born from immigrant parents and raised in Los Angeles. She is a Professional Painter, Graphic Designer, Makeup & Body Artist, Clothing Designer, and Philanthropist. Her passion as an activist, a mentor, and volunteer for various non-profits across the LA region, have granted her many amazing opportunities across the Nation. Ruthy Jane strives to spread the love of Art, by spray painting large murals on spaces across the world. She works hard to inspire the youth to apply their creative energies into their calling. Utilizing creative events and outreach, along with the power of influence in Social Media, she helps by counseling and motivating the youth to chase and create their own goals, while also striving to help make connections between the communities and the art world.


Ruthy Jane can be reached for commissions & inquiries at:


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Some of Ruthy Jane’s collectors, partnerships, features and events have included:

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